ABC's of the Christian Life Children's Discipleship Course

This series was written by our Youth Pastor Seth Garland for the Youth of our church.

A free Certificate of Completion will be mailed to everyone who completes the course and mails us the request form that is included with each lesson!

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A - All have sinned N - No man can serve two masters
B - Believe on the Lord O - Obey is better than sacrifice
C - Children obey your parents P - Pray without ceasing
D - Depart From Evil Q - Quench not the Holy Spirit
E - Even a child is know by his doings R - Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft
F - Fear not S - Separate yourselves
G - God is love T - Trust in the Lord with all thine heart
H - Honour the Lord with thy substance U - Use hospitality one to another
I - In the beginning God created V - Verily I say unto you ... (the rapture)
J - Jesus was born W - Walk in the light
K - Keep thy tongue from evil X - eXceding great and precious promises
L - Let not sin reign in your mortal body Y - Yield yourselves unto God
M - Ministering the Gospel of God Z - Zion, the perfection of beauty...


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