Pastor Kohl's Lessons from the FarmDear old dad brought me up on the farm. I think I disliked every minute of it. He bought the farm when I was about six or seven years old. There I stayed until my stint in the army at age eighteen. Then back to the farm at twenty-one. Marriage soon came into my life, but still I worked on the farm until age twenty-six, when the ministry came up. If my math is right, that is seventeen years of farming.

We farmed forty acres of land, had three greenhouses, and, at times, two hundred pigs and four hundred chickens. I do not remember that many, but that is what dad said. We also had peacocks, pigeons, doves, rabbits, pheasants, and other exotic birds. Once in a while we would have a cow, horse, or rabid dog.

My brothers, George and Dave, and I seemed to work like slaves. Maybe it was my imagination because my step mom always said, “You don’t know what work is!”

Although I hated it then, I would not trade the experience for the world. Now, many years later, I look back to the farm and the family and thank God for the character and discipline it gave me. That is priceless.

Here are a collection of lessons I learned "From The Farm:"

1. It’s Easier to Steer Something in Motion
2. Kill that 'Possum
3. Lessons from the '61 Studebaker
4. Plow Looking Straight Ahead
5. Proud as a Peacock
6. Sowing the Seed
7. Squeal Like a Pig
8. The Water of Life
9. To Live Off a Garden, You Practically Have to Live in It
10. When Weeds Grow Back
11. Bearing Fruit
12. One Bad Egg
13. The Backsliding Bull
14. Do not put all of Your Eggs in One Basket
15. Get The Seed Out Of The Barn
16. The Pump
17. Pigs & Sheep
18. One Bad Apple
19. Peckers
20. Following His Steps
21. The Little Foxes
22. The Hurting Horse
23. The Boomerang
24. Doves
25. The Upper Light
26. Bonfires
27. Felines
28. Pierced by a Nail New 6-08
29. Manure New 6-08
30. Flipping the Tractor New 6-08
31. Never Throw Rotten Tomatoes at the High School Quarterback New 6-08
32. Electric Fences New 6-08
33. Like a Chicken with it's Head Cut Off New 6-08

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