Who Cares?

Our Lord on earth knew weariness-
For He was then in human frame-
For though Creator of the Universe,
Clothed in flesh to earth He came.

The scriptures tell us of a time when weary
He paused to rest beside a well,
And offered “Living Water” to a woman there,
And His identity as Saviour tell.

He must have sometimes longed for rest,
For the days were surely long
As He walked among the multitudes,
Pressed and jostled by the throng.

But it seems that always in His mind
He saw what He perceived to be
Many sheep without a shepherd,
Searching for Him hopefully.

He would not deny them loving care-
And pityingly, He’d call them near,
And minister to and comfort them,
Touched by every need and tear.

Our Saviour never turned away from need
As He waled the paths of earth,
Despite the hatred and the ridicule
Mankind heaped on Him from birth.

Sometimes we may be weary, too,
Battered by life’s bitter blows,
But we have the consolation that He cares
That He our tribulation knows.

Then, with such a sweet assurance,
As we look around this hurting world,
Should we not be concerned, too, for those
At whom Satan’s darts are hurled?

And even in our weary times of trial,
Should we not long to be
As giving and self-sacrificing
As we know our Lord to be?

But sometimes, wrapped in our own distress,
When we hear of burdens someone bears,
We may appear quite indifferent,
As if to say: “Who cares?”

Who cares? Does not that One who for us died,
Suffering shame and agony,
Who could even speak forgiving words
As His blood stained Calvary’s tree?

Who cares? May it be that we do-
And long to offer others love and prayers,
May we find joy in showing Him, our Lord,
That we each are one of His “who cares!”

by Vicki Porter

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