Visit Calvary

Sometimes we need to visit Calvary
In our thoughts and there recall
What that cruel and bloody scene portrays—
Christ’s sacrifice for all.

The glitter of the world may sometimes blind us,
Or shadows of life’s ordeals dim
Truth of that “sacrificial Lamb” atonement
That was taken on by Him.

Sometimes we need to stop and picture Calvary,
Realize this was the very Son of God,
And recall those painful, weary steps
That to that rugged cross He trod.

Then perhaps our trials, our tribulations
Which we face throughout our days
Will start to dwindle in importance
And we’ll see how foolish are our ways.

It may be hard sometimes to think of Calvary,
And that payment for our sins so grim,
To know that awful price He paid there
Should be placed on us, not Him.

But we find our comfort, too, at Calvary,
For had not that bitter scene of pain accrued,
We, His own, would not now know
That our salvation is assured.

For after willing sacrifice at Calvary,
From darkest grave He rose above,
And now reigns, our King in Majesty,
Interceding for us with His love.

by Vicki Porter

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