Thanksgiving is a family time
We look forward to all year,
And we come together gratefully
With those whom we hold dear.

And as we gather at the table,
Making sure that all are there,
We agree that we've been richly blessed
As we bow our heads in prayer.

We could never in so brief a time
Name each joy of last year's days,
For the Lord's dear hand's been on us
In so many special ways,

Like the gentle warmth of sunlight
And soft rain that made earth yield
An abundance for our tables
From rich harvests in the field,

Like the precious shelter of our homes
Where we were safe and warm
Protected from the harshness
Of an icy, wintry storm,

Like the joy that bubbled up
In a tiny baby's laugh-
Or the healings and forgiveness
God bestowed on our behalf,

Like the fellowship of others
Whose hearts are set above-
Following our Lord's command
To show to one another love,

Like valiant hearts of those who fought
In the name of truth and right,
To repel the dreaded onslaught
Of some evil tyrant's might,

Like a dear friend's words of comfort
In despairing time of stress
For accomplishments and triumphs
That brought us happiness.

Oh, no, we could not name them all
For our Lord's done so much more
In our lives and in our hearts
Since He opened Heaven's Door.

But hopefully we can remember
That we often stopped to pray-
And by praising our Lord daily,
Made each day Thanksgiving Day!

by Vicki Porter

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