Thankful to be Thankful

We should be thankful to be thankful
On this Thanksgiving Day-
We have reason to sing praises,
We are headed Heaven's Way!

There are many in this darkened world
Who cannot feel the same-
They cannot sing and praise their Lord-
Some don't even know His name!

They have never met the Shepherd
Who dearly died on their behalf,
Who longs to comfort them and guide them
With His righteous rod and staff.

Some are so cruelly shackled
By life's problems and its pains,
And unaware that there's a Saviour
Who wants to break their chains.

Some, though, there are who've heard of Him
The salvation He imparts,
But still hesitate to ask Him
To come into their hearts-

With lives of deep confusion,
They try to handle life alone,
And never, ever seek and find
The peace He gives His own.

They face the darkest future
Without salvation's light,
Not turning to the One Who gives
Sin-blinded men their sight.

Along with God's great blessings to us,
There's a duty we've been shown-
To reach out to all His wandering sheep,
And let His name be known.

May we, the saved, be thankful
That we can thankful be,
And pray that all these unsaved souls
Can someday praise like we!

by Vicki Porter

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