Stilling the Storm

It was a dark storm-ridden night
On the great sea of Galilee.
The disciples were shaking with fear –
Then spoke Jesus authoritatively.

And He stilled the wild Galilean waves
With power-filled words: “Peace, be still” –
Those miraculous words that even today
Our hearts with great wonder fill.

But there were other words He spoke, too,
On that dark and storm-swept night:
“How is it that you have no faith?”
He asked those who’d faltered in fright.

Sometimes when a harsh storm appears in our lives,
And dark clouds overshadow our day,
We’re driven into a valley of fear
And we can’t seem to find our way.

But are we truly lost and abandoned?
Has our Lord forsaken His own?
Are there to be no more of those sweet blessings
That in former days we have known?

“How is it you have no faith?” He may be asking
Of us who claim faith in Him every day,
Realizing there is purpose in every trial,
And guidance in the darkest of way.

Will we now in our trials rely on our Saviour?
Or will we in our faith-weakness fall?
Oh, may we trust completely in the love of the One
Who through the cross has given us all!

May we let His words of love and compassion
Ease soul’s turmoil in life’s troubled way
As our faith in Him is strengthened
Walking closer with Him each day.

As we battle the wild storms in our lives,
May we cling fast to our faith until
We come into the sunlight of life again,
Through His comforting words: “Peace, be still.”

by Vicki Porter

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