So Many Roads

So many long roads lie before us-
Their signs may leave us confused-
Most are worn smooth by travelers' feet
Just one seems less often used.

A busy one marked "World" we can take
To a land whose revered "god" is gold-
Where for riches and fame and great honors-
Even precious souls are sold.

We can follow that road of Self-Will,
To live out our lives our own way,
Always seeking for answers and peace-
But frustrated day by day.

We can walk down that road of Self Pity,
And weep for our trials and fears,
Spend all of our days in depression,
Blinded to blessings by tears.

We can tread on that thin ice of Witchcraft-
By Satan's sly tricks be betrayed-
Eventually suffering pain and despair-
For there's always a price to be paid!

Many dangerous roads look inviting-
They allure us with bright lights and fun-
And it seems there is always someone near
To urge us to take every one!

But we can take that less used one called "TRUTH,"
And from all treacherous snares be free
By simply obeying that most loving voice
That beckons us: "Come unto Me."

He tells us there's help for the rough spots,
And what the end of that road will be-
It leads us into God's Heavenly Home
Stretching into eternity!

by Vicki Porter

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