The Seniors Are Here!

Now that the seniors are back again,
Thursday becomes a big day—
There’s preaching and singing and fellowship,
And good food, needless to say!

We seniors, we thrive on this sort of thing—
There’s always so much to share—
It’s great to see all our old friends again,
And we love it when new ones are there.

Now some folks, they like to rib us a bit—
Just a little light fun at us poke—
But we’re really not such old humorless cranks
That we can’t take on us a good joke!

We’ll even admit we may be sometimes forgetful,
Can’t decide if we’re going—or been there,
And often when others are heading for action,
We’re edging toward our favorite chair!

But, you know, we’ve actually heard some children say:
“Grandpa and Grandma are ‘cool’
Even if they say we ride like princes
When they had to walk long miles to school!”

Well, walk we did, but those walks weren’t all that bad—
We learned to appreciate nature’s display—
We learned to take care of the little ones,
And we made lots of friends on the way.

Now many seniors love to talk of the “good old days”—
Just ask one what he used to do—
He may entertain you or bore you to death,
But he’ll have more fun than you!

He may chuckle as he recalls the old Model T,
How it chugged or groaned up a hill,
Or stopped suddenly with a sputter or two—
He’ll recall his frustration still!

He may grin as he talks of his horses—
Maybe “Old Pete,” “Old Bess,” or “Old Dolly”—
How he could always count on them to start
Without cranking or pushing like “Ford’s Folly!”

But there may be a hint of sadness as he speaks
Of fishing trips that he with his dad took—
Or memories of his parents’ heads together bent
Over what they always called “The Good Book.”

Now a lady senior may say: “Today’s washers and dryers
Surely make the job easy and fast.
But she’ll speak of white, billowing sheets on a line
As a sweet memory that will always last!

Then, laughing, she may speak of her old washing machine,
With what she called its “most wicked wringer”
That tangled her clothes—and then added insult
By pinching her thumb or her finger.

Then misty eyed, she may speak of her sewing machine,
And how she pumped that old treadle for hours
To make her daughter a “Sunday School” dress,
And was rewarded with a bunch of wildflowers.

Of course, there are some seniors here today
Whose memories don’t go back so far—
But they’ll remember other fads or songs or treasures
Like a toy or pet or a special car.

But who of us well along in years
Could forget penny candy—what joy!
Or radio programs like “Orphan Annie,”
Or “Jack Armstrong, All American Boy!”

Of course, there are some things we remember too well,
In which there’s no cause to rejoice—
Like a startling announcement: “Pearl Harbor’s Been Bombed,”
In FDR’s most solemn voice!

Then, too, we recall men standing in bread lines,
And children in clothes threadbare,
During a long and crushing depression
That touched everyone everywhere.

But even then there were good times to recall,
As clearly as dawn’s glowing light
In a world where God was usually the center of life
And prayers were said day and night.

Oh, things were far from perfect when we were kids—
We won’t see that kind of life come to be
Till our Savior returns in His Glory
To take to His mansion you and me.

But we surely have seen a more simple life
In a country once based on our God and His law,
And many seniors are grateful for the privilege
To have seen the kind of life that we saw.

And we can be grateful now to see so many people
In this most chaotic world today
Both young and old, who are true to their Lord,
Trying to walk, with faith, in His way.

Yes, it’s great to see old friends and welcome the new,
We anticipate a great fun year
Where we’ll see salvations and blessings and good, good food,
Hooray—the Seniors are here!

by Vicki Porter

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