The Saviour's Voice

Our Saviour’s words ring out today
From that cruel cross of death
Where He pled forgiveness for His foes
With painful, dying breath.

And we can hear His voice today
as we look into God’s Word—
And learn, too, how the words He spoke
Affected those who heard.

Like Zacchaeus, a known publican,
In stature not too tall—
Jesus, in the midst of crowds,
He couldn’t see at all.

But then he spied a sycamore,
Climbed up in its limbs to see
This Man of many miracles,
This Man from Galilee.

And when the Master called him down,
When he heard His Saviour speak,
Remedies for his past sins
He, at once, began to seek.

He vowed that of his property
He’d give half to help the poor—
Give back to all that he’d deceived
All he owed—and more!

For he now had found true riches—
Surpassing all world’s gold,
For he had found eternal life
And God’s promises untold!

Sometimes, though, our Lord’s words
Held most reproving tone,
Reminding men they could not judge
With dark sins of their own.

As when they brought to him a woman
Whom they said must now atone
For sinning in adultery—
Asking, should they not her stone?

He did not answer them at once,
But when His answer came—
That he without sin cast the first stone—
They soon all left in shame.

But for those with faith who listened
And trusted in His word,
And proved it in obedience,
Great miracles occurred.

One man He sent to Siloam Pool
Who obeyed most faithfully,
And as he bathed his blinded eyes,
With joy found he could see!

To show themselves “unto the priests,”
Ten lepers once He sent
And they, obeying His command,
Knew healing as they went!

His precious words give guidance
To lead us in His way—
To please Him and to serve Him
‘Til He calls us home one day.

And what will be His words to us
When we come to meet God’s Son?
As His children and His servants,
We long to hear “Well done!”

by Vicki Porter

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