With joy we give praise on Thanksgiving
As we gather around safe and warm—
But we could learn from the psalmist
Who praised in the midst of the storm!

Constantly he offered up praises
When the floods seemed to over him roll—
He penned those familiar, comforting words:
“He restoreth my soul!”

Although he spent much time in battle
He seemed to find comfort and peace
Recalling the promising power of God
Who “maketh wars to cease!”

When fear of the future hung over him
Like a terrible, threatening sword,
He wrote those words that proved his faith:
“Wait, I say, on the Lord!”

He praised in sickness and loneliness
Sadly he watched friends depart.
He wrote: “The Lord is nigh unto them
That are of a broken heart!”

What courage he showed when he praised
When mountains of chaos loomed high—
When overwhelmed, he cried: “Lead me
To the Rock that is higher than I!”

He wrote marvelous words that foretold
Of his great coming Lord and King—
That same great Savior that we love
And owe praises for everything!

We thank the Lord for salvation,
That in love He showed us the way
And for fellowship with each other
On this Thanksgiving Day.

And when fears and life’s tribulations
All around us begin to swarm,
Let us pray to trust like the psalmist
And praise in the midst of the storm!

by Vicki Porter

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