Our Heart's Journey

For those of us who love our Lord
We need no special day
For our hearts and thoughts to travel
To a place so far away-

To seem to come within the shadow
Of the cross where Jesus died,
Where long ago His saving blood
Flowed from His precious side-

To see the image of His arms
Stretched on the wide cross-bar,
Results of beatings and of thorns
That His blessed brow did mar-

To see the imprints in His hands
Of nails that pierced and tore-
Hands that held and children blessed,
And touched men to health restore-

If that dark scene was all there was,
What hopelessness we'd face-
But our hearts and thoughts soon rush ahead
To reach another place-

A garden tomb where mammoth stone
Placed in its entrance-way
Has by Heaven's angels' hands
Been simply rolled away-

A place where Mary Magdelene,
Grieving, early came,
And standing nearby, weeping,
Heard her Master speak her name-

A place where two disciples
Peered into the darkened gloom,
And found to their astonishment,
It was an empty tomb!

Often to that empty sepulchre
From Calvary's cross so grim,
Our hearts and thoughts do travel
In remembrance of Him-

To recall our Saviour risen,
Breaking death and sin's cruel hold,
And now He has prepared a place for us
Where His glory we'll behold!

by Vicki Porter

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