No Conflict

When the founders of our country
Signed that just and great decree—
An independence declaration
For a land of liberty,

They must have looked far, far beyond
All of life’s uncertainty
And have seen a picture of the beauty
Of what such a land could be—

Free from the evil persecution
That had driven men to flee
From other countries of the world
to seek here equality,

A land where families and neighbors
Could enjoy life peacefully,
Free at last, from former days
Of oppressive tyranny.

But our country’s founders also knew
Of man’s worldly tendency,
Knew they could not rely on such
To keep a free land free,

And as they signed that famous document,
(From all accounts of history)
That Declaration of Independence
That proclaimed this country free,

It’s apparent that they also made
(And no conflict here we see)
A Declaration of Dependence
On God’s truth and sovereignty.

by Vicki Porter

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