Out into the wilderness
With God’s message in their hearts,
Bravely march those faithful ones
To earth’s strange and unknown parts,

Seeking those who vainly struggle
To find a life or peace,
To help those whose lives are full of sin
And fears that never cease,

To reach hungry hearts in need of food
That only God can give—
That spiritual kind of diet
That gives life meaning here to live,

To bring that precious saving message
Of our Saviour’s sacrifice
That men’s eyes and hearts may open
To a love that paid such price

That all who truly seek Him
May find freedom from their grief
Of sin’s burden and the fear of death
And know salvation’s sweet relief.

In places like Africa’s steamy climate
Or in Alaska’s arctic chill,
In deepest poverty or danger,
They’re there to do God’s will.

In a world of wrath and grim despair,
Midst rejection, ridicule, and scorn,
They bring the precious Hope of Jesus—
And of sin’s destruction warn.

Oh, to those who face the wilderness—
In jungles and in cities, too—
We owe such a debt of gratitude
For God’s work we won’t or cannot do!

by Vicki Porter

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