Love's Beauty

Now that Autumn has unfurled
All its beauty on the world
In brilliant orange and flaming red,
I'll not grieve that summer's dead.

In this brief beauty I'll find rest,
Reminded how my life's been blessed.
And I'll not dread harsh winter's bite-
My Lord has known the coldest night.

Betrayed and hung on Calvary's tree,
How could He so forgiving be,
To save, then show in splendoured ways
His loving blessings all my days?

For all around me His love speaks,
In flowered fields and mountain peaks,
In gleaming lakes and star-filled skies-
Yes, all around His beauty lies.

And though I know each sunset's glow
Begins to fade and soon will go,
And though bright leaves must scatter down
And, withered, turn to lifeless brown,

Though treasured beauty I'd hold fast
In this, my earthly life, can't last,
I know He in Heaven waits to share
His everlasting beauty there.

by Vicki Porter

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