Just Thanks - Not Enough

It seems giving thanks is not enough
When in our minds we see
The precious form of our Saviour
Hung on Calvary’s tree.

Words of thanks seem so inadequate—
Then what else can we give
To Him who gives us everything—
Our very breath to live?

Whatever we want to offer Him
Whose precious blood for us was shed,
Seems to turn around, somehow,
Become a blessing to us instead!

For if we offer to Him all of our love,
Loving Him does so our hearts uplift
And gives us so much peace and joy,
It’s surely to us a gift!

And if we vow to give him true obedience,
Obey each command He’s given us—
Of course, we fail and fail again—
Then he gives us His forgiveness!

Time after time in such loving ways
He gives His encouraging touch—
Surely He means for us to love and to care
For others around us as much.

Only offering Him thanks is not enough
For such blessings so freely given
By a Saviour Who waits now with open arms
To welcome us one day to Heaven!

But we can show, too, our deep—felt gratitude—
Ask the Spirit our hearts to fill,
Help in our actions and attitudes
To reflect more His own perfect will.

by Vicki Porter

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