Who Was Jabez?

Almost everyone knows of Moses,
And of David, Job, or Paul—
But how many of us can truly say
That Jabez we recall?

Yet he is mentioned in the Bible
As someone especially blessed—
Why was he by God so honored,
Standing out above the rest?

In I Chronicles we find his name,
And why he’s mentioned there—
He was more honorable than his brothers
He was a man of fervent prayer.

He asked the Lord to keep him from evil—
That God’s hand with him would be,
That he might be blessed of the Lord, indeed.
God answered his humble plea.

Almost hidden in lists and genealogies
Certain ones receive God’s attention,
And for reasons only known to Him,
He gives them special mention.

What an honor to be named in God’s Word!
Surely the mention of Jabez must be
Meant to teach us all something,
Like a lesson for you and for me.

For every mention of men in Scriptures,
Of poorest servant or richest lord,
Is there for God’s glory and purpose—
And never be ignored.

For whether spoken of in whole chapters,
Or in a single phrase or two,
Or, like Jabez, almost hidden in lists of strange names
Not easy to struggle through,

They are all there for our attention,
Like precious rays of light,
Teaching us more of the wisdom and truth
Of our God’s compassion and might.

We’ll not see our names in the Bible—
But God’s Word shows us the Way
To see our names written in one of God’s Books—
In the “Book of Life” someday!

by Vicki Porter

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