He Leadeth Me

If we trust the Gentle Shepherd
He will take us by the hand,
And lead us like His precious sheep
Through the fearful land.

We may see the fierce wolf crouching,
His cruel and sharp teeth bared,
But clinging close to Jesus' side,
From those deadly jaws we're spared.

Though there be many wicked snared
Along the trails we take,
The lamp of Hope is in His hand,
Our pathway clear to make.

Though there be valleys where dark billows
Of mighty terrors rush-
We're with the One Who walked the waters
And told the storm to hush.

Satan may be nearby lurking,
But encircled in Christ's arm,
we need not fear the serpent
For his poison cannot harm.

Though we weary grow and thirsty,
Our Lord's hand will hold us up,
Giving strength, and quenching thirst
From His own love-sweetened cup.

And someday, as His trusting sheep,
Yearning for the fold,
We will look up and behold with joy
Heaven's streets of gold.

by Vicki Porter

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