A Fearsome Giant

One day I faced Goliath
And he towered in my view-
Trembling and uncertain,
I thought, what can I do?

Of course, this giant I confronted
Was not in human form,
But an overwhelming problem,
Like a sudden, threatening storm.

I thought of youthful David
And that warrior of Gath
Who'd sneered at this young Israelite
Who'd stepped into his path.

Then I recalled how David
Five stones had sought and found,
And the very first one that he hurled
Drove Goliath to the ground.

Oh, God, where are my battle stones?
I cried in my despair-
What weapon can I use against
That giant looming there?

Then words from the Book of Proverbs
Did my desperate mind recall-
That if we faint in our adversity,
Then our strength is small.

I prayed for strength and calmness came,
And peace of soul and mind-
I knew then that panic in my circumstance
Had truly made me blind,

For, of course, prayer was my battle stone,
And others quickly came,
"Faith" and "hope" and "patience,"
And "courage" in Christ's Name.

Though not as quickly as with David,
It wasn't long before I found
That very first stone that I'd hurled
Drove my giant to the ground!

Oh, the joy of God's assurance-
However sharp Goliath's sword,
He cannot defeat us when we come
Trusting fully in our Lord!

by Vicki Porter

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