Fear and Doubt

Sin—laden and in darkness,
We could have asked no more
Than by His ever—loving grace
He opened Heaven’s Door.

But could we believe our Savior
Who died for us that day,
And ascended up to Heaven,
Would then turn His face away—

And abandon all His many sheep
He’d welcomed to the fold,
To a world of fear and doubt,
And earthly snares untold?

No, He’s still our faithful Shepherd—
Dearly for our peace He’s paid,
And wants our hearts to not be troubled,
For us not to be afraid.

Then why panic when the problems come,
And feel helpless and alone,
And then to try so fruitlessly
To solve them on our own?

For there’s guidance in the Scriptures,
For by example He has shown
His own response to greater trials
Than mankind’s ever known.

And when we recall our Savior
Kneeling in Gethsemene
Praying to His Father
In His deepest agony—

We are reminded when we hurt
And face life’s tragedies,
And need the leading He can give,
We must seek it on our knees!

For He said to ask and seek and knock,
And caring promises He’ll keep,
For He’s still our guiding Shepherd,
And we’re still His erring sheep.

And He wants us in our fear and doubt,
And when all hopes seem dim,
Not to falter in our faith,
But cast all our care on Him.

For He can ease our deepest dread,
And wipe away each tear—
And He assures us perfect love
Casteth out all fear.

by Vicki Porter

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