Faith and Endurance

Sometimes it seems that a hard storm of life
Will never let loose its cruel hold—
Then we, like frightened, panicked sheep,
Long for a safe, peaceful fold.

But as the winds of trial howl around us,
It’s then we must vow to endure—
We can choose to give up in total despair
Or trust that our Lord’s love is sure.

Surely He’ll not forsake His own children—
Recall His words: “Fear not, little flock—”
And midst those terrible stormy hours,
We must cling to that most sacred Rock.

He has assured us that He is our refuge,
Our fortress, our guiding Light—
Remember, God’s own Son suffered such pain
That beside His, our own is but slight.

The clouds of that raging, fearful storm
Cannot hide us from His loving view—
For He’s with us in gloom of the dark days
As in days of the sky’s clearest blue.

And when, at last, the harsh storm has abated,
We’ll have learned to trust that He’ll bless,
And with strength gained from faith and endurance,
Our fear of the next storm is less.

And when we see brothers or sisters in pain,
From life’s storms seeking peace and rest,
We can comfort them, too, with the comfort
Our dear Lord with us has blessed.

And we know that whether it be our first storm,
Or should it be that very last—
He promises: “Joy cometh in the morning—”
When the tearful night is past.

by Vicki Porter

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