Birthday Blessings

(Recalling the past year given me)

It’s been a year of many sunlit days —
Of course, there were a few storm clouds, too —
But always the clouds finally parted again,
To let sweet, healing sunshine through.

That healing sunlight, so renewing, so pure,
Is our Lord’s great and measureless love,
Like a precious oil of compassion, poured,
From His own loving hands above.

And then all around me I saw love for others
In God’s children longing to be
His good stewards for Him while here on earth,
And to be with Him in eternity.

So many brothers and sisters’ caring hands
Reaching out to others in need —
Many heeding, obeying, their Master’s Voice —
To plant precious Gospel seed.

All these seem reflections of that great saving love
That I sought years ago and found
When Christ entered and warmed my sin-chilled heart
And assured me I’m Heaven-bound!

by Vicki Porter

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