Biblical Mothers

All throughout the scriptures
Many women played a part
In pointing out to all of us
The love in a mother's heart.

A poor starving widow fed Elijah
From her last store of bread,
And later sought the prophet's help
When she learned her child was dead.

Elijah, whom she had befriended,
Touched by this mother's love,
Prayed and saw her boy restored
By his loving God above.

A Canaan woman with ill child
Came to the Lord one day-
He said He'd come to feed the Jews-
Still, she wouldn't go away.

She longed to see her dear child healed,
And she knew that He was able,
She reminded Him that even dogs
Eat crumbs beneath the table.

And then our Lord spoke words to her
We'd all love to hear him say,
Of just how great a faith she had-
And her child was healed that day.

Sarah laughed the day she learned
That she would have a son,
For she had never had a child,
And her bearing years were done.

But, oh, the pleasure that she knew-
In her nineties she gave birth
To a son whom they called Isaac,
Whose seed would bless the earth.

Of course, Mary knew that she was blessed
For the Savior she did bear,
But she stood one day beneath a cross,
Saw her first-born dying there.

And the Lord Who'd blessed so many mothers,
Now saw the grieving face of His-
It must have added to His anguish,
For He could not spare her this.

But three dark days would pass, at last,
And Mary then would see
Him risen-with salvation's gift
For her-and you-and me!

Now as we celebrate this Mother's Day,
I recall, with love, my own-
And in her honor pray for all
Peace that flows from God alone.

by Vicki Porter

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