A Prayer - based on Psalms 141:3

Dear Heavenly Father:

"Set a watch, oh Lord, before my mouth-"
Open wide and search my heart,
And there where unkind words begin,
Help thoughts of love to start.

My lips, I know, were meant to praise
And urge others to our King,
Not to be used as weapons
That will pain to others bring.

Oh, "keep the door of my lips-"
May with love my soul be warmed
That words of comfort and concern
Replace those in anger formed.

For as Your dear Son upon the cross
Suffered willingly for all
That sin-bound men might come to Him
And not to Satan fall-

He uttered not one bitter word
For the torment and the shame-
No reproving word to mockers
For blaspheming His name,

But rose from His beaten, swollen lips
An urgent plea to You
Of: "Father, forgive them,
For they know not what they do!"

Such depths of love I cannot grasp-
Oh, help me, Lord, I pray,
Through all expressions of my lips
To honor Him each day.

by Vicki Porter

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