Jack Hyles Speaks On Biblical Separation


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I AM WORRIED. I am worried about what appears to be a breaking down of the doctrine of separation among fundamental believers. I am worried because I believe that Biblical separation is necessary for the preservation of New Testament Christianity and the preservation of the nation. I am worried because I love my country, and I believe the doctrine of separation and its practice by God's people is necessary for deliverance of that country and for the avoiding of the judgment of God.

I AM NOT ANGRY at anyone. I am not angry at those who disagree with this treatise. I am not angry at those who will attack it and its author. I am worried-worried enough to feel that this must be in print, that it must be read and considered.

I AM NOT ACCUSING anyone of compromise. I believe that compromise is committed when one knows what to do, but for the sake of convenience or reward does not do what he knows is right or does not preach his own conviction. I am aware that one may disagree with the contents of this manuscript and not be compromising; he can be wrong on his position, but he may nevertheless be sincere, so I am not accusing anyone of compromise.

I AM NOT SLANDERING the character of those who might disagree. Some sincere people will, no doubt, not agree with the author's position. I am not and will not attack them personally or be accusative in my conversation concerning those who do not agree with my position.

I AM NOT ATTACKING. No names of fundamental brethren will be mentioned in the following pages, and there is no desire on the part of the author to be hurtful, unchristian or unkind.

I AM JUST WORRIED. I am worried because I believe Biblical separation is necessary for the salvation of this civilization. I am not asking the reader to believe what the author believes unless the reader finds himself disagreeing with what he wants to believe because of conscious or unconscious drifting from what he once accepted as the Biblical position of separation. I only ask the reader to examine the contents and consider the possibility of its being true. I ask this sincerely, not for the sake of dispute or controversy, but for the sake of my country whose future I believe does not rest in the White House, the Supreme Court or the halls of Congress, but in the behavior of God's people! May these words be read with the same loving spirit with which they are written.

-Jack Hyles

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