by Pastor Art Kohl


To say we live in a day of Biblical illiteracy is an understatement. Many are accepting today what was anathema yesterday. We are ignorant to quote the Bible in regard to what we believe and why we believe it. It is time to change that. These articles can serve as a small step toward the light of understanding the will of the Lord regarding some moral issues that have become political issues. The Bible is not silent on moral issues or on political issues. These articles are not a complete exposition on each of these subjects but it is a start. Please read and you will find it quite interesting how the Bible comments on all of these issues quite clearly.

May God help us to know His will regarding these issues that we might be informed in our obedience to be the salt of the earth.

Table Of Contents

  1. The Bible Speaks On Abortion
  2. The Bible Speaks On Animals Rights
  3. The Bible Speaks On Civil Disobedience
  4. The Bible Speaks On Corporal Correction
  5. The Bible Speaks On The Death Penalty
  6. The Bible Speaks On Euthanasia
  7. The Bible Speaks On Gambling
  8. The Bible Speaks On Homosexuality
  9. The Bible Speaks On The Military
  10. The Bible Speaks On Pornography
  11. The Bible Speaks On Taxation (Tribute)
  12. The Bible Speaks On Welfare
  13. Quick Reference and Review

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In 2002 and 2003 we sent a printed version of this material to all of our State Senators and to our State Assembly so they are without excuse.

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