Get In Touch With Your Masculine Side

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Today’s society is one of confusion. No matter what segment of society you examine, confusion reigns: politics, religion, culture, family, marriage, science, medicine, etc. We are not even sure what a marriage is today.

This confusion has especially affected the roles, relationships, and responsibilities of the sexes. Some women are becoming more and more masculine. They want to sweat like men, stink like men, drink like men, curse like men, work like men, fight like men, play like men, dress like men, carouse like men, lead like men, rebel like men and kill like men (not that true men should do some of these things!).

The idea of being feminine is disgusting to many women today. They have “earned the right” to be feminists (female masculinists). There is no God, Bible, pastor, or man who is going to tell them what to do.

Sadly, as we have produced several generations of girls with masculine minds, men have been left reeling. Their roles have been weakened, their responsibilities have been replaced and their need to be masculine has been diminished. They have been softened and perplexed, wondering what their position in life is.

Instead of figuring it out and rising to regain it, they have hid in the surreal world of sports and beer. Relationships are a mess. No one knows who is in charge. Men are confused.

Then come the “experts” who tell men that they need to get in touch with their feminine side. Now, men are becoming followers and wimps. They are becoming softer. Even in appearance, some are choosing the jewelry and hairstyles of women. Instead of working on their biceps, they are concerned about the wrinkles around their eyes.

This booklet is a call for true men to rebel against this unisex nonsense. It’s time for men of God to rise up and seize our rightful God-given place of leading the world, the Government, the church, and our families. It is time we spit out the femininity that is being crammed down our throats and get in touch with our masculine side.

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