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Jesus Had Short Hair
1958 How to Boost Your Church Attendance
1960 Seeing Him Who is Invisible
1962  Let's Build an Evangelistic Church
1962  Lets Go Soul Winning
1964 Lets Hear Jack Hyles incomplete
1965 Kisses of Calvary and Other Sermons
1966 Let's Use Forms and Letters
1967  Let's Baptize More Converts
  1967 Let's Study The Revelation
1968 The Hyles Church Manual
1969 Blue Denim And Lace
1969 Sex Education Program in
Our Public Schools;
What Is Behind It 
1969 The Hyles Sunday School Manual 
1970 Jack Hyles' Church Bus Handbook
1970 Today
1971 Satans Bid for Your Child
1971 Strength And Beauty
1972 How To Rear Children
1974 From Vapor to Floods
1974 Jack Hyles' Favorite 
Soul-Winning Experiences
1975 Grace And Truth
1975 The Hyles Visitation Manual
1976 Please Pardon My Poetry
1978 Duty
1978 How to Rear Teenagers
1978 Reason With Rhyme
1979 How to Rear Infants
1979 The Story Behind the Psalms
1981 Women The Completer
1982 Meet The Holy Spirit
1983 Exploring Prayer With Jack Hyles
1983 I Am An Idea
1984 Jack Hyles Speaks
on Biblical Separation
1985 Salvation is More Than Being Saved
1986 Teaching On Preaching
1987 My Church and My Week
1988 How to Treat
Different Types
of Church Members
1989 Poems for Special Occasions
1990 First Baptist Church
Hammond, Indiana Ministries Manual
1990 How to Help People Reach Their Potential
1991 Hammond First Baptist Pulpit
Volumes 1 & 2
1991 Hammond First Baptist Pulpit
Volumes 3 & 4
1992 Hammond First Baptist Pulpit
Volumes 5 & 6
1992 Jack Hyles on Justice
1992 The Blood, The Book, and The Body
1992 The Church
1993 Enemies of Soul Winning
1994 Marriage Is Not An Agreement;
Marriage Is A Commitment
1994 The Science of the
Christian Life Volume 1
1996 The Science of the
Christian Life Volume 2
1996 Her Husband Praiseth Her
2000 Marriage is A Commitment
2000 What Great Men
Have Taught Me

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