Secret Sisters

• What is Secret Sisters?

Secret sisters is a ministry in which ladies have the opportunity to minister secretly to other ladies in the church by praying for them, writing encouraging notes, giving small gifts, and simply befriending them.

• Who Can Be Involved?

Secret Sisters is open to all ladies 18 years or older.

• How Can I Be Involved?

Twice a year, usually in spring & fall, a “Secret Sisters Fellowship” is held, during which former Secret Sisters are revealed and new ones are chosen.

During these fellowships, ladies who wish to be involved can fill out a form, telling personal details: family information, hobbies, favorite foods, colors of the house, prayer requests. At the end of the evening, all the forms are collected and exchanged. The lady you choose that night will be your responsibility to minister to for the next six months. You will be her “Secret Sister.”

• What if I Can Not Come to the Fellowship?

In the front vestibule of the church is a table where Secret Sisters can place gifts, cards, or notes. On this table is a basket containing Secret Sister forms. You can fill out one of these forms at any time and give it to one of the ladies in charge. They will find you a Secret Sister.

• Who is in Charge of This?

Secret Sisters is headed by Amy Spiller and Renae Garland.

Last Updated June 5, 2008

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