Fair Ministry

• What Is a Fair Ministry?

The fair ministry is the work we have each year at the Chautauqua County Fair in Dunkirk, NY, and America’s Fair in Hamburg, NY. Each year we join with the Amazing Grace Mission and set up a booth at each fair. During the entire course of the fair, we spend all day every day passing out gospel tracts and witnessing to those passing by.

• What Do We Do At the Fairs?

The people who work at the booths talk to those passing by and ask them the most important question in the world: “Are you 100% sure you’ll go to heaven someday?” Those who aren’t sure are invited in, and one of the workers will show them from the Bible how they can know for sure!

Because not everyone is interested in coming in, we make sure that everyone passing by is given a gospel tract. It is our prayer that these tracts will be taken home and read later.

• Who Is In Charge Of this Ministry?

We have had the honor of working with several Amazing Grace Missionaries, including Roger & Judy Olson, Derl & Martha Brown, the Shedal Family, and Bob & Pat Van Why. They handle contacting the fair and getting us in. Pastor Seth is the coordinator on our end, handling ticket purchasing and set-up.

• Who Is Involved In This Ministry?

The Fair Ministry is open to anyone who can pass out a gospel tract. This year over 50 different church members signed up to work a 3-hour shift at the booths.

• How Did We Do This Year?

At this (2006) year’s fair in Dunkirk, we passed out over 8,000 gospel tracts, and led 113 people to make decisions to accept Christ. At the fair in Hamburg, we passed out over 15,000 tracts and led 210 people to Christ.

Last Updated February 18, 2007

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