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Others - September 29, 1974
Why the Blood Saves! - June 24, 1986
Logic Must Prove the King James Bible - April 8, 1984
False Bibles, Enemies of Soul Winning
A Brook in the Way
Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out
Compassion Makes a Different
Russian Roulette
The Treasure is in the Field
The Determinate Counsel - February 23, 1997
The Eyes of the LORD - New Years Sermon
How to Fire the Preacher
Four Calls to Soul Winning
God and I Don't Always Agree
The Christian's Hate Life
Inferior Churches - May 24, 1970
Jesus a Friend of Sinners
The Sowing, Growing, Knowing of Tares
Kisses of Calvary
Unisex - December 2, 1973


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